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Megami Kouhosei

The Candidate for Goddess

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Megami Kouhosei (also known as Pilot Candidate and Candidate for Goddess) is set in our galaxy, sometime after an horrendous catastrophe called LOST PROPERTY, which destroyed four human-populated planets. Humans have moved to giant colonies in space, and technology has advance considerably. The final hope of mankind and the sole planet remaining to it is Zion. Zion, however, is under constant attack by a mysterious group of creatures known as Victim.

In order to protect the last star, GOA (Goddess Operator Academy) has been established to train young men to pilot the five Goddesses, (giant robots also known as Ingrids). The Goddesses are the only things capable of destroying Victim, and thus saving Zion and mankind. It should be noted that only MALES possessing the special power "EX" are eligible to be candidates, and later pilots. Megami Kouhosei centers around a group of new candidates who have entered GOA, and also indirectly on the current pilots of the Ingrids, as well as the respective Repairers of each boy.

Megami Kouhosei is a manga and anime series by Yukiru Sugisaki. There are currently five volumes of the manga and a twelve episode TV series, along with a thirty-minute OVA. After a certain point, the manga and the anime differ drastically, so it's a good idea to read up on information about both versions.

For more information on Megami Kouhosei, visit Dual Potential.

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