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This is the first chapter of my fic of Megami Kouhosei(Future. Hope that you will enjoy it.^^
Rating: PG

Peace Heaven: I am really very very sorry to take so long to write this fics.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pilot’s Candidates but I own Angel X.

Chapter1: Meeting

“It has been so many years since Ernest had died,” said Rioroute.

“Yes, do you want to go and pay your respect?” asked Leena.

“You know where his grave is?!” said Rioroute shockingly.

“Baka, we are on Zion earlier than you guys,” said Garu.

“Who’re you calling baka!” yelled Garu.

“Break it off guys!” shouted Leena.

“Eh, Leena, can I go and pay my respect to Ernest?” Tune asked politely.

“Sure you can, you are Ernest’s repairer, eh, no, now Erts’ repairer,” said Leena in a motherly tone.

“Now, it is quite late, let’s meet here at 9am tomorrow and we’ll go and pay our respect to Ernest,” said Garu.

“I will go too,” Teela said from outside the door, voice still as cold as ever.

“Sure,” said Leena.

That day soon arrived.

Together with Ernest and Erts’ parents, the pilots and repairers arrived at Ernest’s grave at the cemetery. They bought a bouquet of flowers and a card for the deceased. There were a lot of bouquets of flowers and cards thus they had to clear some flowers to the side. Erts noticed a card attached to a bouquet of flower lying on the floor.

“Why’s there a card lying here,” Erts asked.

“You may open to see and put it back onto the tomb,” Ernest’s mother said.

So Erts opened that card.

It said:

To the deceased, Ernest

Rest in peace.



“Rome, she comes and pay her respect to Oni-san,” Erts thought.

“Oh, so it’s this girl,” Erts’ mother said.

“Mum, Dad, you know her?” Erts asked.

“No but she told us where’s Ernest’s coffin is,” Erts’ mother sobbed, “…but we are very grateful to her.”

“Please don’t cry, I’m sorry,” Erts said.

“No, it is not your fault. Though Ernest had died, we managed to find his body,” Erts’ mother sobbed even louder.

Erts looked at his mother, feeling sorry, he looked at the floor.

“Let’s go, we have stayed here for sometime,” Erts’ father said.

“Sure,” said Leena.

“Leena, you guys go first, I want to stay here longer,” Tune said.

“I will stay here with her then, Mum and Dad,” Erts said.

“It’s alright,” Erts’ father replied.

So Tune and Erts stayed there for another hour or so.

“Erts, you need not stay behind with me,” Tune said.

“Not only for you but for……,” Erts replied but he was being cut off by the ringing of a phone.

Erts picked it up as it was lying besides him.

“Who have lost his phone?” Erts thought.

Just as Erts was picking it up, a girl wearing mini-skirt, black inside with a leather jacket, wearing a hat, near them was searching for something.

Erts stood up and went to that girl.

“Eh, does this belong to you, Miss?” Erts asked.

The girl turned and Erts saw her face.

“Rome?!” Erts gasped.

“Ah, arigato, it’s mine, Erts,” Rome said.

Looking at the one he was fond of, Erts’ heart started thumping as all the feeling he concealed within himself was all relieved.

“Erts, are you alright?” Rome asked concernedly.

“Eh, I’m fine,” Erts replied.

“Erts, she is……,” Tune asked.

“She is…,” Erts said when he was interrupted by Rome.

“I am Rome Lotte, just call me Rome, I am Erts’ ex-repairer,” Rome introduced herself to Tune.

“I am Tune Youg, repairer of Erts and ex-repairer of Ernest,” Tune said.

“I think I better get going as I am working on something major,” Rome said and began going away.

“Rome, I…,” Erts did not how to continue.

“Don’t worry, we will meet again very soon,” Rome said as she kissed Erts on his cheek.

Then she walked away quickly.

“Eh, ah, let’s go, I’ll send you home,” Erts said embarrassed.


The next day, in front of the goddess.

Garu and Leena were also there.

“Why are you here, Garu?” Rioroute said smirkly.

“Can’t I come and see Zero?” Garu said.

Just when they were about to start an argument, Teela came in.

“Let’s me introduce someone to you first,” Teela said.

“This is Rome Lotte, she is the creator of ‘Angel X’ which will be piloted by Garu,” Teela said.

“WHAT?!” Garu shouted shockingly.

“Do you have any question?” asked Teela.

“Eh, no,” Garu replied.

“Do you want to try the ‘Angel X’?” Rome asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Garu said.

“Before you try it, I will have to reconfigure its data first, and will hand it to your repairer because ‘Angel X’ was just completed building yesterday,” Rome said.

“Huh, you mean I am your guinea pig?” asked Garu worriedly.

“Not really, it’d been through tests,” Rome said.

“Oh! Garu is a guinea pig! Garu is a guinea pig! ~” Rioroute said in a tune. Then everyone started laughing.


In the Café.
“Rome, how and why does you know how to construct a ‘machine’ like goddess?” Erts asked.

“After, I left the battlefield, I came back to Zion to study more on machinery and with the knowledge of repairing, I wrote out a plan and send to the head of G.O.A. to receive permit for the construction of ‘Angel X’, “ Rome answered to Erts’s questions.

“Rome, c-can…can we g-go…go out to-ge-ther, to-mo…tomorrow?” Erts asked shyly.

“Sure!” Rome answered.

Erts sighed with relief, and at the same time was glad when Rome accepted his invitation.

To be continued…

PeaceHeaven: Yet another Chapter! Hope you like it. Pls Read and Review. Thank you!
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